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Jerri George founder of Catering by George! in 1985, was literally blown west, from So. Florida, by Hurricane Wilma in 2005. Jerri brought over twenty years of culinary expertise and a passion for serving others to Denver area residents, their businesses, charitable and faith-based organizations starting VISION CATERING USA. In an effort to bring you the most trendy and tasteful combination of exceptional food, service and event orchestration that only 28 years of experience can bring to the table...their mission is your 'vision'. Following a near fatal bout with Bacterial Meningitis in 2009, Jerri turned to writing and is publishing her book CATER$AVVY "Secrets of the Trade Revealed" in late summer 2013. She and other caterers from all over the US share secrets of the industry and a how-to approach of opening and operating a catering business. A percentage of book sales will be donated to Meningitis research and awareness.


   1 lb. CHEESE RAVIOLI (your favorite brand)                                           1 lb Chicken Apple Sausage (sliced) 2 Tbs Olive Oil 3 … Continue reading

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Three-Decade Culinary Veteran Serves up Secrets of Catering Trade in Delicious New Book.

Written by Jerri Lee George, CATER$AVVY “Secrets of the Trade Revealed” takes readers deep into the catering mind and into a platter of topics from sales techniques and pricing guidelines to a wealth of menus, recipes and personal vignettes. Written … Continue reading

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I’M THINKING CHOCOLATE. It’s been some time since we’ve posted something as decadent and rich as this delicious cheesecake. Personally, I like to use dark chocolate in everything! After all, I’ve always said there are 3 food groups – dark … Continue reading

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Herb Encrusted Chicken w/Honey Butter

BREAKING THE YOM KIPPUR FAST is one of the oldest and most meaningful traditions for Jews across the globe. Here is a wonderfully easy way to serve a crowd with the best combination of two popular ingredients. This dish gives … Continue reading

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OYSTER PRIMAVERA – Brought to you by the Letter “R”

Yes, summer has ended and the month’s that contain the letter “r” herald in the eating of Oysters. I do love oysters but not of the raw persuasion. Just could never get past the thought if them, whether soaked in … Continue reading

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This is a great make, wrap and carry-to-the-game pocket meal! Live a little ‘greek style’ on the sidelines! 8 Pita Rounds cut in halves 2 lbs. ground lamb 1/2 cup diced onion 3 TBS minced garlic 1 tsps. greek oregano … Continue reading

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On the heels of the tragic death of a vacationing thirteen year old girl yesterday, who innocently took a bite of a peanut butter laced Rice Krispie treat, we as caterers must again ponder what can be done.  An abundance … Continue reading

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